In this webcast, Beacon Application Services and ORACLE will share hidden gems within PeopleSoft Project Costing.  Application of this module goes way beyond standard Capital Projects (IT and/or buildings/improvements).  Many leading financial services organizations have expanded the usage for Project Costing to include financial reporting on everything from Merger and Acquisition costs to global economic consulting services delivery.  In order to expand the usage of PC, we have discovered some golden nuggets of wisdom, including: the need to restrict access at a Project level (solution: row level security); budget approval and redistribution (solution: rules based parameters and security); as well as lack of delivered workflow capabilities (not that difficult!); and, lastly, integration with project management software.  Learn how you can bring expanded value and a strong ROI to your organization.  This is far more than a cost spreadsheet – take advantage of the hidden gem you have!

DATE & TIME: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 2:00 pm EST


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