Modern business requires that financial executives be more than numbers people: They need to be storytellers as well. CFOs should be able to accurately tell the story of where the business is and where it’s going, and in order to do that, they need insight into data—and fast!

Join us on August 2 at 2 PM EDT to hear how you can craft your company’s financial story with instant access to real-time data, streamlined reports, and automatic distribution, shaving hundreds of hours each year on reporting process timelines. PeopleSoft users The Finish Line, Inc., Shari’s Management Corporation, and Wex are already telling their stories. Why not you too?

Find out how to:

  • Save upward of 300 (or more!) hours on financial and operational reporting
  • Streamline any repetitive reporting needs into a faster, automated process
  • Pull live GL and non-GL data simultaneously into predetermined formats
  • Drill down into data for further insight

Presented by:  Global Software Inc.

DATE: Thursday, August 2, 2018