Security, in both JD Edwards and any other environment, is an exercise in juggling user requirements, risk management and mitigation, and system functionality, especially with limited security staff. In this session, we’ll discuss how well-designed security controls can ensure the continuing success of an ERP system, from the perspective of a business currently working towards a 9.2 upgrade. We will cover JDE security concerns from the perspective of malicious activity, curious users, and accidental actions, as well as how those concerns can be mitigated without sacrificing user functionality.

Objective 1: Discuss why proper security is important, and how it can contribute to both a successful upgrade and a continually successful ERP system.

Objective 2: Cover best practices for row security, role security, and access even beyond E1 security.

Objective 3: Review what kinds of red flags can be encountered, how to address them, and how to find them to start.

Presented by: ALLOut Security & Sumitomo Metal Mining Pogo LLC

DATE: Tueday, June 19, 2018