Join Product Management from Oracle HQ at this workshop for Architects, DBAs and Application Developers, and for those interested in learning more about Oracle Information Management and building contact with Oracle Product Management and have ongoing relationship as we build our 1;1 contact with customers as part of our Global Leaders Program.

You will learn about Oracle’s information management strategy in the Cloud, the different cloud services that are available in the information management space, with particular focus on Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADW) , Big Data Service (BDS), Oracle Cloud Interface (OCI) and Data Integration.

Content will cover a general architecture overview, what makes Oracle Cloud Interfaces and cloud data management platform different from other cloud vendors, as well as delve into the various cloud data management service capabilities, security aspects as well as give a demo on the end to end solution.

Date & Time: Monday, February 24, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Hosted By: ORACLE

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