Committee Positions Available

Regional Events Director

Time Commitment: Approx. 2-4 hours per month | Approx. 8-10 hours during month of event in your region

3 Regional Positions Available: Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario

A Regional Events Director is responsible for overseeing the organization and execution of live events taking place within their region. Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with Executive Committee to determine needs for regional event/education
  • Coordinate with Marketing & Communications Manager + Brand Ambassador to establish promotional time-line and needed actions
  • In-person site visits to possible venues
  • Oversee event logistics including venue selection, catering, equipment rentals etc.
  • Keep Brand Ambassador up-to-date with external events taking place in your region

Vendor Liason

Time Commitment: Approx. 4-6 hours per month

The role of the Vendor Liason is to develop and maintain meaningful relationshios with third-party vendors that will advance CanRUG’s vision & purpose. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain/update vendor database
  • Determine action plans for cultivating relationships with new vendors
  • Develop vendor participation programs
  • Sponsorship sales

Virtual Presentations Director

Time Commitment: Approx. 3-5 hours per month

The Virtual Presentations Director is responsible for sourcing content and liasing with speakers for CanRUG webinars. Responsibilities include:

  • Source potential speakers & content
  • Liase with approved speakers on logistics
  • Collect presentations/hand-out materials for distribution to membership
  • Prepare webinar summary and attendance reports for Executive Committee review